Ruins of Adventure

Episode 2: Beck Darkmantle vs Raymo of Phlan

Last night, the intrepid adventurers Wulf, the fighter, Jerkxes of Cormyr, the sorcerer, The Cleric Who Had No Name But Later Adopted One From Call of Duty 4, the cleric, and Aeryn Completely Different From the One on Farscape, the “independent entrepreneur”, ventured back into the slums of Phlan in search of gold and glory.

After spending the night at an extremely shady inn and while acquiring new supplies at an equally shady merchant(lots of things in Phlan are shady…it’s like Lankhmar if Lankhmar were a little town in Michigan), Jerkxes discovered that said shady merchant had an extremely fine dagger for sale clearly marked with the noble crest of the Cadorna family, who are very powerful in New Phlan. After some discussion, Jerkxes purchased the dagger and brought it to Phlan’s City Hall, hoping to give it to Councilman Poryphrys Cadorna, who the group knew by name only. Poryphrys accepted the dagger (he said it was his mom’s) with good grace, a vague promise of support, and an evident desire to stop talking to the party and start drinking (the party later discovered that Cadorna had quite a reputation as a dilletante).

On their way to the slums, the party hooked up with the infamous Beck Darkmantle(played by Cameron, who sat in for a session). Beck was originally a character in my Iron Kingdoms game, where he was notable for acting before thinking, carrying his own sizable supply of alcohol, and not being a “people person”. Transformed into a 2nd Level Realms character, he accompanied the group into the slums after annoying the guards at the gate so much that they actually paid the party five GP to convince him to leave.

Once in the slums, the party continued their exploration mission, uncovering a wight lairing in a grocery store, several burned out houses, and a drunken bum who turned out to be a werewolf. The party really seemed to bond with this werewolf despite being suspicious enough not to let him travel with them. After careful consideration I have decided that this was because I was essentially running him as Ray from Chris Onstad’s webcomic supreme achewood (he is now officially Raymo of Phlan). Sadly, when Raymo eventually ambushed the party and attempted to devour Beck and Jerkxes and steal their alcohol, Beck smashed his head in with a maul.

All in all another good night. I have, however, reluctantly decided not to use the Bendy Dungeon Walls set I picked up a few months ago anymore. While it does look really neat on the map, the connectors that hold the wall sections together have a nasty tendency to snap off when pressure is applied. After losing four wall sections that way, I’m going back to flat maps.



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