• Aeryn


    Aeryn is an "Independent Entrepreneur" who is at her best while supervising others and isn't above using her feminine wiles to get what she wants.
  • Wulf


    Fighter, err.. meat shield?
  • Beck Darkmantle

    Beck Darkmantle

    I need a drink. And raw meat. And possibly a bath.
  • Bishop Aram Braccio

    Bishop Aram Braccio

    This city has long been denied Tyr's justice...a state of affairs that will soon change.
  • Captain Scabbard

    Captain Scabbard

    Beautiful...beautiful. Now let's see what you have to offer Scabbard, eh?
  • Dak


  • Jerome of Melvaunt

    Jerome of Melvaunt

    Let's Hey, I guess you all made it back this time.
  • Nat Wyler

    Nat Wyler

    Hey...those coins sure have some nice shine. Actually I DO have a few...uh..."storage spaces" below the kegs in the basement. Nope...I didn't see anything.
  • Poryphrys Cadorna

    Poryphrys Cadorna

    Look at that...that is the most shapely pair of legs I have ever had the good fortune to - uh...yes, actually I do happen to have a little job that needs doing...
  • Tarask


    *grunt* If you'd watched out for archers on the walls, maybe you'd still have some men to work with. Damn kids.
  • Vilanestra


    Maybe we can help each other out. I need people who know the city well...and I'm down to you.