Poryphrys Cadorna

Look at that...that is the most shapely pair of legs I have ever had the good fortune to - uh...yes, actually I do happen to have a little job that needs doing...


The feckless, pleasure-loving scion of the Cadorna house of textile merchants is both the youngest member of Phlan’s City Council, and the party’s first and most enthusiastic patron, even after surviving an intimate dinner with both Aeryn and Vola simultaneously. He enjoys the prestige the party’s success is giving him, and their hard work is winning him grudging respect in the eyes of the other council members, who previously dismissed him as a fop.

After the party cleaned out his family’s old estate and recovered his family treasure, Cadorna displayed uncharacteristic initiative by bringing in a company of mercenaries to defend the place while he has it restored to its former glory.

Poryphrys Cadorna

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