Captain Scabbard

Beautiful...beautiful. Now let's see what you have to offer Scabbard, eh?


Captain Scabbard is one of the most notorious pirates currently operating in the Moonsea, and his ship, the Moonsea Stiletto one of the most famous. He’s well known for his strange, stilted speech, his aptitude for treachery, and his rapacious appetite for both women and loot.

It’s not certain where Scabbard grew up, though bets are on either Hillsfar or Melvaunt for the dubious honour. He’s been terrorizing shipping on the Moonsea for over a decade and has been the object of major naval expeditions by both Zhentil Keep and Mulmaster, though Scabbard has always managed to use the two cities’ rivalry to avoid capture. With the recent Zhent-Mulmaster alliance, Scabbard is rumoured to be on the lookout for a new patron – although he’s no less dangerous without one.

One of Scabbard’s few redeeming features is his passion for fine art, particularly sculpture. His personal collection includes some of the finest statuary in Faerun, many of whose original owners are now deep beneath the Moonsea after a long walk off a short plank.

Captain Scabbard

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