Kuto's Well

Kuto’s Well is a freshwater well in the city of Phlan in the Moonsea region of Faerun. It is actually a shaft leading to an underground stream flowing southward from Lake Kuto, north of Phlan. The Well has also given its name to the surrounding district.


Kuto’s Well actually predates the founding of Phlan by over a century, having been sunk sometime around DR 220 by Dwarven engineers looking to create an easily accessible and clean water source for the traders who gathered in the area. As this initial tent city grew into a true city, Kuto’s Well became part of a thriving commercial district.

The natural limestone tunnels beneath the well have been occupied by several groups: human defenders and raiding parties, tribes of monsters, and even by Milsor the Valjevo and his party during their adventuring days. After the fall of Phlan in DR 1306, Kuto’s Well was generally recognized as neutral ground by the groups of monsters inhabiting the city, a policy re-enforced by the mysterious “Boss”.

In DR 1375, Kuto’s Well was the base for a mixed group of humanoid bandits led by Norris the Grey, a Zhentilar deserter, who made a living shaking down groups passing through the area. They were destroyed by a group of adventurers, and the well has presumably remained unoccupied since.

Kuto's Well

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