Mendor's Library

Mendor’s Library is an abandoned archive and repository in the city of Phlan in the Moonsea region of Faerun.


Mendor’s Library is a monument to the wisdom and power of Daeronar Valjevo, third Prince of Phlan. With the city now firmly established for two generations, and wealth rolling in from trade, Prince Daeronar decided that the time had come to make Phlan famous for something other than making money. His plan was to create a Grand Library of Phlan, which would act as a storehouse for all rediscovered knowledge of the fallen empires of the North.

To head his Grand Library, Daeronar sought out the reknowned Chessentan Sage, Mendor Agorastes, Archmage of Cimbar. Mendor was already in trouble with the authorities in Unther due to his support for Chessentan independence, and was happy to relocate further north.

Construction of the Grand Library began in DR 846, following the colonnaded Chessentan style thanks to Mendor’s influence. Upon its completion in DR 849, the Library quickly gained respect for both the breadth and depth of its collection and the skill of its staff, and many great archmages and scholars (including, it is rumoured, Elminster of Shadowdale), perused its collection. Mendor was an efficient and popular administrator who was always eager to support adventuring companies searching for old texts, and because of this the Grand Library was unofficially known as Mendor’s Library even after his (presumed) death in DR 908.

Like most of the other treasures of Phlan, Mendor’s Library was lost during the destruction of the city in DR 1306. It is unknown how much, if any, of its superb collection remains intact.

Mendor's Library

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